A Finished Prototype

I spent July prototyping the word-puzzle game. It was supposed to be June, but I ended up moving house / faffing instead. The prototype is finished now – this has been the most concentration-heavy-but-rewarding month so far. It’s nice having an early version of the game to show people on my phone and laptop.

It’s quite hard to decide when a prototype is finished. I made a plan to build:

– Very simple animated logo screen (see above)
– Main Menu, Tutorial Screen, Quit Screens
– Three simple animated puzzles
– UI (Buttons for the player to press)

All of the above have been implemented. But, it’s a very moreish process – the urge to keep tweaking stuff, learning more, and adding more is hard to resist. You have to resist in the end though, or you’ll just end up rushing through building the entire thing.

Throwing things on the ground is impolite.
Throwing things on the ground is impolite.

A few kind folks have taken a look at the prototype. No one threw the phone on the floor and stamped on it. Several of them laughed at the puzzles that are supposed to be funny, that was very encouraging. Although I am assuming it was a ‘haha, that’s funny’ as opposed to a ‘haha, what were you thinking, you nobhead’…

I’d like to put the whole prototype online here, but that doesn’t fit the longer-term marketing plan, annoyingly. Also, it’s probably best to wait until the visuals involved are by someone decent, rather than being some clip art I hastily found using Google Images. I’ll show you if I see you though, all interest is much appreciated.

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