I wish I was Johnny 5

Recap: Post 1 was about having the idea to make a game. Post 2 was about making a different game. Post 3 breaks brave, inspirational new ground by not involving another change of plan…

I’ll sometimes have what I think are half-decent ideas, then decide they’re shit and abandon finding an audience for them (or bothering to finish them). It’s nice to write this two months on and feel more motivated about the word-game idea. Motivated / a bit intimidated about the workload I’m setting up for myself if I want to do this properly.

Johnny Five from Short Circuit
Johnny Five – a faster learner than me. Metallic smart-arse.

For example, all of these are now a few months in progress:

  • Learning a programming language (C#) from scratch
  • Learning a game engine (Unity) starting from very minimal knowledge
  • Writing hundreds of puzzles, answers, and visuals for both
  • Learning ways to market a game like the one I’m making
  • Learning the legal side of things (Intellectual Property, Trademarks etc)
  • Actually using all of the disciplines above that I’m currently still learning

Positively, it’s ace how much info is out there re: those disciplines. April’s London Games Festival was a goldmine of tips (particularly on the legal side) and a very fun week. On the techy side, Unity do an amazing job of teaching you the basics (and more) for free.

Card Crawl and Surviving The App Store
Card Crawl by Tinytouchtales (left) and Surviving The App Store, a book by Amir Rajan (right)

Marketing-wise, it’s particularly awesome that developers of hit games feel they can be generous with what they share. Tinytouchtales (Card Crawl) released a comprehensive breakdown of their first week after launch . Amir Rajan (A Dark Room, A Noble Circle) has written a book about the nature of his success, which I’m looking forward to reading.

So much cost-free knowledge available. Need to keep reading and typing and clicking and Googling.

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