I’ve decided to make a game this year

I’ve got what I think is a solid idea for a PC game. It’s called Feedback Loops and it feels like it fits in with indie games that have popped up in recent years. I’ll elaborate on the idea slowly on here as things progress. Partly because I don’t want to give much away yet (although the title is a clue, obviously. And that picture below this paragraph). Partly because the idea is still evolving anyway.

DOPAMINE – Look! I’ve drawn a picture of some science!

For a bunch of reasons too dull to list here, I realised I need to do something different in 2016. I kind of realised that before I knew what the ‘something different’ would be, which led to a somewhat confusing end to 2015. But, it’s clicked recently that game design is something that I might be able to apply myself to.

Before the end of 2015 I’d barely touched a line of code (outside of the occasional bit of HTML and CSS for work). As I’m training myself up using Unity, C# is the focus. It’s challenging, but the Learn section of their site is ace and the structure of it all hasn’t proven to be too bewildering so far.

Sir Alan Sugar's Amstrad CPC 464
My first computer – an Amstrad CPC 464. Each was personally hand made by him off the telly

Computer literacy has never been an issue anyway, since my grandad generously started giving us his hand-me-down Amstrad CPC’s when I was about four years old. After my brother left home to go to uni, me and my folks needed a new tech geek for the house so I stepped up. Turned out you can earn a living that way, so yay for geekery.

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